All the Tools You Need to Take Charge of Your Financial Future

At LearnEarnRetire, I want to give you the tools you need in order to be successful in both your career and your financial life. If you click the button below, you will have access to a constantly updated list of tools and resources that can help you plan for your retirement, job search and much more. You can read about all of these tools below.

(By the way, these tools are free for you to use whenever you need them!)

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What Free Tools Do We Offer?

The Student Retirement Calculator

With the Student Retirement Calculator, you can fully organize your plan for retirement in one easy-to-use spreadsheet. You can compare up to five scenarios, each with alterations of your plan. There are also three graphical representations of your results projecting how much money you could have at retirement.

The Job Search Radar

Job search can be an extremely taxing and disorganized effort...if you don't have a plan. With the Job Search Radar, you can fully organize every network contact, job application and opportunity in one central database to make your next job search as easy as possible.

The Job Search Checklist

Americans go through more jobs now over the course of their careers than ever before. The Average American now holds 16 different jobs by the time they retire! You may be laid off at some point, and it may not even be your fault. But this checklist gives you everything you need to do the day off a job loss and during the days after. 

The Professional Brand Development Worksheet

Your professional brand is one of the most important aspects of your career path. This dictates not only how your bosses see you, but how your future bosses and coworkers will see you as a worker. This worksheet will help you define your professional brand.