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Alan McMillan is a sought-after and frequent free speaker at colleges, corporations, and student groups all over America. 

Alan’s speaking engagements are designed to help students and young adults develop an early strategy for employability and a financial plan for being smart with their money, preparing them for a lifetime of financial independence.

Speaking sessions can be requested online and can be held virtually or in-person to suit any organization’s needs.

"I would say that a huge strength of Alan McMillan is that he's an absolute expert in this subject, and he does a great job at keeping students intrigued and attentive. I would say another strength for Alan is that he is unbelievably passionate about teaching students this information, and the students realize that, and in turn become passionate about learning the information."


-A university student lectured by Alan McMillan

About Alan McMillan

Alan McMillan graduated from Ohio University with an Associate’s Degree in 1975. He spent 38 years in high-tech sales and marketing, serving 4 times as a VP of Sales in Silicon Valley. He was on the senior management team twice where the companies were taken successfully into the public market.

Mid-career he attended MIT where he became an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow earning his Masters degree. He retired from high-tech and founded LearnEarnRetire which lead him to speak and publish for 18 to twenty-somethings.

He brings materials to students through lectures and workshops at over two dozen colleges, reaching over 20,000 students in live audiences. He also writes for LearnEarnRetire.com as well as other prominent web sites.