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Personal Career Coaching for College Students and Parents

Coaching is available to individuals that meets them where they are in their college years or in their early career years. Whether is it overwhleming and they don't know where to begin or how to graduate with great job, or selecting strategically from multiple job offers, or how to be wise with the money they make as they leave college, or how to build wealth in this nearly pensionless world.

This is no nonsense coaching that respects where they are on this spectrum, and lends advice and suggests action steps to produce the results they are dreaming of.  Most college do not do this well and Alan has a strong track record of helping to produce life changing result.

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How to Book

1.  Click, 'Book Time with Alan McMillan'

2.  Select the service and time when you'd like to have your lesson. If the time does not work for Alan, he may call you to reschedule. 

3.  Once Alan accepts your appointment, you will receive an email containing a simple link that you will need to click to download Zoom or we can meet by phone.

4.  For audio, Alan will call you on the phone at the time of the lesson.

What do students thinks of Alan McMillan?

"Professor McMillan is very knowledgeable on the material that he teaches. It makes learning much more valuable when the instructor has experienced these lessons first hand. But what I would say is his greatest strength is the passion he has for what he teaches. His heart is in the right place and it has impacted me in ways I will carry throughout my life forever!"

-A former student of Alan McMillan

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45-Minute Personal Career Coaching Session


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