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LearnEarnRetire is an online platform that is dedicated to providing young adults with free and premium content that teaches them how to make the most out of their time in college, successfully transition to their early career and be wise with the money they earn. 

How LearnEarnRetire Helps Your Child

You want your child to be as successful in college and their early career as possible. This is one of the most important parts of their life and it is critical that they nail this not only for their education, but for their career prospects after school. After all, think of the long-lasting effects this time will have on your child's future finances and career. You may think that just by going to college, your student will learn everything that they will need to know about life after school. You're not paying all of this money for nothing, right?

Well, that's where you may be wrong. Sure, your school may have an excellent program for your student's major, but what about everything that doesn't have to do with their career field? Does your child know how to properly utilize a career fair? Do they know how to conduct a job search? Do they know how much of their income they should be saving towards retirement?

That's where LearnEarnRetire comes in. LearnEarnRetire offers a huge catalogue of both free and premium content that aims to educate, prepare and showcase the importance of starting early to students and young adults.

Here are just a few ways LearnEarnRetire aims to help your child reach their maximum potential both in school and their early career:

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LearnEarnRetire's premium digital course, Transitions: From Campus, to Career Success, to Wealth Creation and Protection is a 17-chapter video course based on a real-world college class. Taught by career transition expert Alan J. McMillan, this course will teach your child the importance of maximizing their time in college, how to leave college with multiple job offers and how to be wise with the money they earn from their first career job. This class is the perfect gift for any young person starting or continuing college.

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