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What to Do After a Job Rejection

As baseball Hall of Famer Connie Mack said, ‘You can’t win them all.’ But that does not lessen the sting of NO. 

So what happens when you get a no? You were working with a recruiter, who ushered you into an opportunity. Perhaps they spoke so...

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The Physical vs. Virtual Job Search – Expanding Your Employment Opportunities

By: Alan McMillan

On campus you are surrounded by many events and opportunities to find employment through internships and/or full time jobs. These fall into the category of the ‘physical job search’ which include events and contacts that you can physically...

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The Single Most Important Job Interview Secret

By: Alan McMillan

I recently read a great book for young people who are transitioning from college to a career. The Bigs, by Ben Carpenter, offers some of the clearest thinking and ‘how-to’ advice I have come across for 18-24 year-olds. In addition to his...

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