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The Best 8 Minute Financial Video on the Internet

By: Alan J. McMillan 

Attached you will find a link to 8 minutes that can change your life IF you follow what NY Times bestselling author David Bach says. He outlines the essence of his blockbusting best seller, The Automatic Millionaire.  He even offers a free download of an updated version of that work and Start Over Finish Rich for free. Both works are timeless and apply perfectly to you today.

If you are in your 20 something years and don’t play horrible economic defense, I believe this will make you a millionaire, provided you invest conservatively in equities, reinvest their earnings, and do not tap those funds until retirement.

David Bach’s: My Biggest Financial Mistake.

With so many people ending up sub-optimum to their financial aspirations at retirement, you need to have a simple plan that you understand to navigate from campus to early career.

Bach has a simple plan and process. Remember process equals predictability. Over time, this will set you on a sure and certain path to financial independence.

Final note, most people, especially at your stage in life won’t do this. They will not have a long-term plan, they will not understand the ramification and outcome of getting this right early in their careers, and according to statistics, will not have their dream economic outcome over time. The opposite of success is not failure, but conformity.  Be abnormal - be exceptional.

Good Luck!

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