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How to Follow-Up: Post Career Fair

college Sep 19, 2022

By: Alan J. McMillan

Within 12 hours after the career fair, tie down with an email to the recruiter you met with that day and then invite them to connect on Linked-In.

If you are not interested, it is still nice to thank them for their time.

If you are interested:

  • Tell them that you are even more excited after you spoke to them
  • Include in the email some items that you talked about and what you learned from the recruiter (that will show you listened)
  • Then inquire as to next actions or if you have an interview, confirm the time
  • Do this on a PC/Mac and not a smartphone. You will have better grammar and smartphone spell/grammar check can make you look like a fool.
  • Your grammar and writing skills can sink you early on; If you need help reach out to a friend

Remember an organized and an efficient job search (the job fair is just one resource you need to orchestrate in that process) has a lot of moving elements.  Staying organized is essential.  I suggest you put all of your notes in one central repository (you can get one free right here, Job Search Radar). Move the ones you are interested into the ‘Jobs In Play’ section.

Finally and perhaps most importantly try to make sure you keep a few next actions in your court.  Don’t be dependent on them following up with you.  You want to plan some interaction that can impress them along the way.  Maybe you were perceived as just OK (remember that recruiters have a very short time in a very busy day to judge you) so try some follow-up with ideas like this:

  • I will review that part of your website that you mentioned and I will get back with you by Wednesday of next week
  • I will review the information you gave me and follow up with you by next week
  • I will call you and email you tonight to see if an interviewing time opens up

Point being; look for ways to keep the next action with you.  If your follow-up is impressive and professional, that might be enough to put you deeper in the consideration.

Good luck.

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