About LearnEarnRetire

What is LearnEarnRetire?

LearnEarnRetire, founded by me, Alan J. McMillan, is an online center with the mission of transforming the early trajectory of this emerging generation on two key dimensions: career and wealth/financial freedom in this nearly pensionless world. I believe these two dimensions to be the bookends embracing your decisions.


Here at LearnEarnRetire, I offer both free and premium services such as:

Online courses on the foundational aspects of career building and financial success



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Speaking at your next live event





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Free access to a trove of educational   blogs and videos




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Okay, that’s great and all... but why do I do what I do?

Here at LearnEarnRetire, I believe that our educational system is broken. Colleges and universities say that they give you all of the knowledge and tools you need to be successful in life. I say they’re wrong.


Sure, they give you the foundational academic knowledge on your future career...but how do you conduct a proper job search? How do you advance in that career field after you finally get a  job? How do you build wealth in a world where wealth generation is getting harder and harder for each successive generation? What the hell is a 401k?!


That’s where LearnEarnRetire comes in.

I am trying to give the coming generation the knowledge that public education, colleges and universities aren’t giving their students. This is important stuff! After all, how you spend your 20’s will have lasting impacts on the rest of your life. These habits and tips are vital to the long-term success of the coming generations. Starting this generation on the right path early is essential.

What's Your Dream? Why are you here?

Really, do you have one? Think about it for a couple minutes. Maybe you want to start a loving family. Maybe you want to travel the world and explore every nook and cranny it has to offer. Those are great goals! But...how do you get there? 

That’s my ultimate goal. To give you the tools and knowledge you need to build wealth, achieve long-term career success and be able to eventually use these resources to achieve your wildest dreams.

Now, let LearnEarnRetire serve you!

Feel free to explore the website and find what content best suits your learning style. I are trying to offer you as much value and as many resources as I possibly can, so use them! Check out my blogs. Or maybe my premium digital course. Maybe you think some personal coaching would help you best. Whatever the case, go forth and be great! Allow me to help you reach the greatness that I know you can achieve.

About Alan J. McMillan

Alan J. McMillan is the founder of LearnEarnRetire, the informational resource for students and early employees transitioning from campus, to career, to their eventual financial independence. He is a retired high-tech executive who held the VP of Sales role four times in Silicon Valley with venture funded start-ups.

He has spoken to thousands of students across America in live lectures and has built a formal curriculum in colleges including an acclaimed class at Ohio University.