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Welcome Sophomore Page

Welcome Sophmores

The reason we break out our college student advice by segments (Freshmen - Senior) is because all of those years have a different runway of time until entry into the workforce.

Typically freshmen do not engage adequately into the job search process and sadly, seniors often panic and lament that they did not start sooner when they face the prospect of graduating without a firm job offer.

Congraduations, you are engaging with plenty of runway to get this right, and have an abundant search.

Ignore what you friends are doing or should I say not doing regarding job search.  Know that it is critical to:

  • Attend every career fair that you can get access to on campus
  • Engage in virutal job search with organizations that do not visit your campus
  • Build your brand so that you are the type of person who your professors and advisor will refer you to great opporunties
  • Build your network to better your odds of getting your first job and beyond.
  • Stay organzied.  The more robust the job search, the greater the need to say organized.
  • You MUST do 2-3 internships that can lead to employment.  The road to mulitple job offers is paved with internships.
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