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This Section is for Parents and Mentors of 18-24 Year Olds and They Embark on Their Career

The #1 best practice is for 'students' and 'parents' to subscribe and follow the blog.  Every week content will be released on a varity of subjects for:

  • Building Your Brand
  • Building Your Network
  • Job/Intern Search
  • Selection from Muliple Job Offers
  • New Role Preparation (how to orchestrate a great start for an internship or job)
  • Early Career Managment (lessons of getting off to a great start)
  • (all the while) How to Create a Solid Path to Financial Independence

By co-subscribing it is our intent that the blog and messages provoke constructive conversations.  It is our experience that when the parent lends advice you think it is COACHING but the student feels like your are LECTURING, and often devalues an imporant message/lesson.

If the blog creates a conversation, then you augment it with your life lessons, it can create a postive learning experience augmented by your life lessons.

Student invite parents/mentors.

Parents invite your children and loved ones as they start their career.

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