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Early Career Management

You are on board and engaged, now you must do two things:  

First, you have to nail your current assignment and exceed the expectations that your current boss and the organization has for you. Identify what is needed to be outstanding in the role you were hired for. In a very real way, you are competing with everyone who is doing or has ever done your role.

Second, you need to see the landscape of the organization and possible career opportunties within the organization. Remember: the prerequisite of moving up is being successful in your current role. Overachievers always have a plan with multiple options to move ahead. 

Organizations want highly engaged employees who put organzation above self, mission above self, creatively leverage all of their resourcess, think outside the box and are fun to work with. When you do that, you take abundant care of yourself.

Finally you need to network within the company so you can draw advice and direction from those who know how to make things happen. This section covers this critical area.


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