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Welcome Parents & Mentors

As students transition from campus to career, they do so in the most competaive global economy the earth has every known.  The fact are alarming on every front but the great news is, IF students 'get it' at an early age, as they make this transition either from high school or college, they will be fine.  The real point is that they must play under the rules of todays 'new global economy' versus conditions the Baby Boom transitoned out of 40 years ago. Parents often do an unintended diservice when they try to from advice today in terms of lessons from yesterday when they made this critical transition. 

This site and blog is intended to postively impact students making this transitions today, and they need YOUR help.  Thanks for dropping in, and with your assitance, they can 'get it' in their early 20's in order to begin their careers with decisive advantage.

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Key Elements of the Equation

  • Determining what one wants
  • Building a personal brand
  • Building a powerful network
  • Great job search skils
  • Selection from multiple offers
  • New role preparation
  • Early career managment
  • Being money smart with a long term plan
  • (hyperlinks the above to indepth content)

Tenured Falcutly Sending Students Into A Volitle World

I am not here to judge tenure, there are pros and cons to that discussion, and as with most issues both sides have valid points.  However tenured based falculty in general are sheparding students through their academic years.

Never has the mismatch of circumstances been more profound.  Read More...

How Can I Help My Student?

Two old expressions sum up the challange:  1.  An impediment to learing is, 'Not knowing what you don't know.' and 2.  'I wish I knew then what I know now.'

We understand that you desparatley whant to help you students, and relay lessons you have learned from the school of hard knocks.  The problem is YOU thnk your are COACHING and your STUDENT things your are NAGGING. Read More...

#1 Objective for Every Student Who Steps on Campus

The #1 objective for every student who steps on a college, vocational school or technical college campus world wide is the same.  It is to have:

  • Multiple job offers,
  • By the holiday break of their final year,
  • That allign to their skills and passions,
  • And that are economically viable.

Read More... 

Why Is It So Different Today Than From When I Went to Colllege

The world and economy is vastly different today than it was for the last generation, the Baby Boom.  Too often parents and even educators equate their own college experience as a guidepost to offer advice to this generation and it often a mistake.  

The 4 Objectives of College

Four objectives should be achieved in order to drive the optimal outcome that students desire at college:

  1. Get your eduction
  2. Figure out what you want to do with your career and life
  3. Get a job that is the first step of an amazing career
  4. Obtain basic financial acumen in order to be smart with your money and have a long term plan to navigate toward financial independence


Transitioning From Campus To Career

Whether you are transtioning from high school, college, vocational or technical school into the workforce you still need to be mindful of the big picture.

During your education you need to complete it, figure out what you want to do, become employed and have a basic understanding of personal finance.  Often, regretabbly, these elements are not served up on (MORE) campuses with the priority and focus they need to be.

We call this outcome-based life-skills.  Beginning with the outcome you desire and then serving up facts, tactics and strateiges to get you to said outcome.

This site is dedicated to serving up that menu as well as to linking the user to other great resources to serve this objective.

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3 Reasons That Your 20's Are Your Defining Decade

Your twenty-something years are critical for your success for three reasons:

  • Biologically: Your brain will go through its final growth spurt and rewire itself for adulthood. You want to make the changes NOW that will reward you for the rest of your life.


Choosing Your Best Career Path

Some of life’s greatest pleasures come from the ability of choice. Whether we are thinking about where to live, who to love, or what to buy, we all like the ability to choose. The same can be said about choosing your career path. While there is no magic formula or treasure map to follow that will ultimately lead you to your ideal job and career,  Read more...

It's Showtime, Welcome to the Big League

Congratulations, you’ve finally made it to your first adult job, or what I like to refer to the ‘Bigs’. For those of you familiar with baseball, the term is taken from the Big Leagues, and your first job is just the start! While it can be easy to get caught up in all the changes associated with this phase of your life, it’s important that you take a moment to reflect on your future career. Read More...

Figuring Out What You Want to Do - Your Career

There are three macro objectives one must achieve as you navigate through your learning years:

  1. Get your education
  2. Figure out what you want to do
  3. Become employed


First Jobs Can Be Precedent Setting

Your first job is very important as you depart from campus. If you have done a great search, you not only have a job, but it is the first step in a career that you are very excited about. It should be an area or industry that will grow over the course of your working years, so as you become great, opportunity abounds. That first job also can be precedent setting as well. Read More...

Twitter Lays off 8% of Its Workforce - How to Be Ready For an Unexpected Disruption of Employment 

Who could have imagined the highflying Twitter, experiencing massive growth and industry leadership, would now be facing a major layoff. The message? We all need to be prepared for our next, and often unexpected, job search in the new economy. You can be with an industry leader, even a highflying meteor, and then wham, you face a job search just as the estimated 330+ will at Twitter. What’s the lesson for you? Read More...

Dream Big and May Those Dreams Frighten You

Pope Francis just visited and regardless of your faithfulness or lack thereof, he moved everyone he came in contact with. I believe he inspired us to raise the bar of expectation on a variety of issues. Don’t settle for what is given today, but raise the bar to a grander vision. I think that this touches on a huge issue facing us today and with that, reveals opportunity for all of us. It seems to me that the bar of expectation has been and is falling from many quarters on us. Read More...

Easy Steps to a Comfortable Retirement If You Don't Squander Your 20's

In the spring of this year the Class of 2015 ushered more than 1.8 million college graduates into the workforce. For most of these graduates, getting a job was priority number one. A first job provides a new kind of independence: the ability to move into one’s own space, pay for expenses and budget. It also opens the opportunity to create financial independence for the rest of your life. Read More...

4 Steps to a Great Job Start - The Halo Effect

Some new employees show up and make a terrific first impression and often, that has powerful downstream implications. They create a kind of ‘Halo Effect’ that leads to a positive assumption that they will be great:

  • What a great hire!
  • Put her on the ___ (high visibility project with the best senior people)


New Grads are Seeking Professional Growth Opportunities 

As the class of 2015 entered the job market, they reported that the ‘opportunity for personal growth’ was high on their list of things they were looking for in the workplace.  It was rated higher than job security itself. But… you already knew that, because you are out in front in subscribing to this blog and sharpening your life/career skills every week! Here are the top 5 things that the class of 2015 rated as “important” in this new NACE survey: Read More...

5 Best/Worst Majors - You Really Need to Read/Share This

What are the 5 best/worst majors?  These articles come around often, I am sending this one your way with some advice.  You can Google and see lots of these-type best/worst lists.  The link to this article is at the end of this post. You have to balance your passion and your dreams versus your employability and your earnings.  You should go into your college experience with eyes wide open. If the primary reason for you going to college is to gain well compensated employment, and the research says that is the objective Read More...