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NCAA Programs

LearnEarnRetire works with NCAA programs via speaking appearances, workshops and program development around ‘Outcome-Based Life-Skills.’  We recognize the unique, demanding and challenging world of today’s student athletes.  Our work focuses on giving these athletes advantage in regard to:

  • Leaving college employed
  • Thriving and advancing in their new role
  • Replace that position efficiently if need be
  • Become smart with their money
  • Have a plausible and actionable plan to move them toward financial independence over the course of their career

Eligibility is not enough for student athletes.  We must up the ante and look through to employment and financial well-being.

Student athletes are developing and setting the stage for life and career outcomes because now is a critical time for development over three dimensions:

  • Biologically (their brains second and final growth spurt that leads to rewiring them for adulthood)
  • Professionally (employment)
  • Financially (the road to financial independence)

 Why This Work is So Important:

  • According to entering Freshmen via UCLA’s annual survey:
    • 85.2% go to college to get a better job
    • 69.6% go in order to make more money
    • 81.9% have a goal of becoming very well off financially
    • 85.5% believe they will graduate within four years
  • Consider the data on college outcomes:
    • 40% get their four year degree in four years
    • 60% get their four year degree in six years or less
    • Of those with a four degree:
      • Half get a job that requires a degree
      • The other half starts out under-employed (job that does not require a college degree OR unemployed)
  • Consider how the last generation, their role models and parents, the Baby Boomers are doing:
    • Of those 46-64 year old's in America today:
    • 25% have $0 saved and invested
    • 46% have < $10,000 saved and invested
    • 60% have < $25,000 saved and invested
    • Wells Fargo, from research, says that 36% say in order to maintain their current lifestyle they will have to work (albeit often part time) until they are 80.
    • Of those retiring, the average amount in a 401k is 3 times their last years compensation yet the experts say they must have more than twice that amount (6-8 times) in order to maintain their current lifestyle.
    • 36% have nothing but Social Security.

 We have curriculum that can be flexibly administered within the demanding schedules of student athletes.

 Typically this work is given along with other life-skills necessary from other sources:

  • Drugs/Alcohol
  • Community service
  • Domestic violence
  • Campus Engagement

 LearnEarnRetire has 9 sections within our breadth of work:

  • Nailing college
  • Figuring out what you really want
  • Building your personal brand
  • Building your personal network
  • Job search
  • Strategic job selection from multiple offers
  • New role preparation
  • Early career management
  • Being smart with your money and charting a course to financial independence

 The opposite of success is not failure, it’s conformity.  Today’s student athletes, as they approach their careers, must be abnormal, or better put, exceptional.

 LearnEarnRetire teams with athletic departments that want to upwardly enhance the now-normal by heightening awareness about key issues, teaching skills to positively impact them, and inspiring student athletes to engage.

 Alan McMillan, LearnEarnRetire’s founder, visits campuses across the nation and speaks to thousands of students each year at colleges like:  MIT, Howard, Syracuse, Spelman, Morehouse, Virginia Tech, Ohio State and Indiana University to name a few.  His work can also be found at LearnEarnRetire in the form of weekly blogs and is published on leading website on the internet.

 McMillan spent 38 years in high teach and retired four years ago.  He has devoted his second act to helping students transitions from campus to career to financial independence.  He also sits on the faculty at the Schey Sales Centre within Ohio University’s College of Business in Athens Ohio.

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