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Your Purpose Statement

We have all heard about the need to develop an elevator pitch, but you need to couple that with a purpose statement.

When you are engaging in a job search, it is efficient to put on the table what you are looking for and why.  That effectively is the purpose statement.

Recruiters or hiring managers are sorting through many candidates in today's ultra competitive job market.  If you approach one of the first objects for them it to determine fit. Essentially:  Can she do it, will she do it, would I like to work with her?  From there you shortlist and the games truly begin.

By way of example, you are working a career fair, and you approach a recruiter, you give the summary of who you are, and then the purpose statement, what you are looking for.  In this example things like:

  • What year you are in
  • Seeking an internship or a full time post college role
  • You are available when til when (if it is summer internship)
  • You will relocate?
  • Are you seeking compensation?
  • How what they are looking for aligns to what you want

Again, in this example that poor recruiter has spoken to 150 students that day and only a few are on the shortlist.  You want to be both efficient and impressive,

Additionally, you want to leave with a notion of, it that opportunity makes YOUR short list.  When those two list collide you have a match.

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3 Secrets for Recruiters to Find You on LinkedIn

When you search for employment or internships, effective searching is a combination of:

  • Physical People you come in contact with that either you know, are introduced to you, or at events like career fairs
  • Virtual Leveraging others that you do not yet know to proactively grow the ‘reach’ of your search


If You Go With The Flow, The Flow Is Where You'll Go

On nearly every college campus I visit, Freshmen don’t frequent the Career Center. They figure getting a job is soooooo far off, so they don’t prioritize that activity. As Seniors stare down the barrel of ‘needing a job’, nearly all wish they had started this process sooner, and for good reason. Of students who graduate with a bachelors, half get a job that required a degree. Read More...

3 Reasons Your 20's Are Your Defining Decade

Your twenty-something years are critical for your success for three reasons:

  • Biologically: Your brain will go through its final growth spurt and rewire itself for adulthood. You want to make the changes NOW that will reward you for the rest of your life.


It's Showtime, Welcome To The Big Leagues

Congratulations, you’ve finally made it to your first adult job, or what I like to refer to the ‘Bigs’. For those of you familiar with baseball, the term is taken from the Big Leagues, and your first job is just the start! While it can be easy to get caught up in all the changes associated with this phase of your life, it’s important that you take a moment to reflect on your future career. Read More...

Easy Steps to a Comfortable Retirement If You Don't Squander Your 20's

In the spring of this year the Class of 2015 ushered more than 1.8 million college graduates into the workforce. For most of these graduates, getting a job was priority number one. A first job provides a new kind of independence: the ability to move into one’s own space, pay for expenses and budget. It also opens the opportunity to create financial independence for the rest of your life. Read More...

Dream Big And May Those Dreams Frighten You

Pope Francis just visited and regardless of your faithfulness or lack thereof, he moved everyone he came in contact with. I believe he inspired us to raise the bar of expectation on a variety of issues. Don’t settle for what is given today, but raise the bar to a grander vision. I think that this touches on a huge issue facing us today and with that, reveals opportunity for all of us. Read More...

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New Grads Are Seeking Personal Growth Opportunities

As the class of 2015 entered the job market, they reported that the ‘opportunity for personal growth’ was high on their list of things they were looking for in the workplace.  It was rated higher than job security itself. But… you already knew that, because you are out in front in subscribing to this blog and sharpening your life/career skills every week!  Read More...

Repeat Internships and Job Offers

This is a really important question that you need to get your arms around in that, if you were to get an internship between your sophomore and junior year and then be asked back for a repeat internship, you have to forego a potential internship with another company between your junior and senior year. 

Here are the facts and then some advice:

The Single Most Important Interview Secret

I recently read a great book for young people who are transitioning from college to career. The Bigs, by Ben Carpenter, offers some of the clearest thinking and ‘how-to’ advice I have come across for 18-24 year-olds. In addition to his book, his website is full of valuable information accented by 13 short The Bigs Videos that are must-sees for every emerging college student (and their parents as well). Read More...

How To Reject a Job Offer Without Burning a Bridge

The objective of every job search is to receive multiple job offers. These offers provide you flexibility, choices and the option to select the best strategic opportunity for yourself. Jobs or roles within a company are two to four year career stepping-stones on track to your career destination. But if you receive multiple offers, how do you reject a job offer without burning bridges? Read More...

A Quest For Betterment (A Prerequisite of Success)

The work at LearnEarnRetire is for the 18-24 year old, usually in college, but always in a quest for betterment.

Toward that end, I want to share some advice I got from a book that I think is one of the best books ever on networking and professional development, The Start-Up of YOU


How to Build a Personal Network

It is widely known that other than your accomplishments and abilities (your brand), the most important game-changer is your personal network.

Want to know how to build your personal network? You need to network with people who are going where you are going, or are at where you are headed. Read More...

How Do I Elevate My Personal Brand?

Think of the concept of branding like this:  A hiring manager has two different candidates under consideration.  All elements being equal:

  • Candidate A:  Has general ambition, good potential, skills and grades
  • Candidate B:  Has specific ambition demonstrated by two different internships Read More...

The World Rewards Those Who Make the World Go Faster

When you think about it, those who make things happen in life are both sought after and paid more richly.  Some people, by their very involvement, make ‘the world go faster.’

  • They better their employers
  • They better their work groups


The Most Important Factor of Interview Preparation 

There are many areas you can work on and develop regarding interview preparation.  This blog will focus on the most important one, research.

Why is research so very important?  When you research well prior to the interview, you will learn many things:

  • What the company does


Five Top Achievements - Essentials to Brag About

This is from a recent Campus-to-Career.com blog (7 Crucial Tips for Interviewing) http://campus-to-career.com/2014/03/11/7-crucial-interview-tips/ regarding interview preparation: 

Interviewing Tip #6 reads like this: 


Why You Should Use LinkedIn - Like Your Career Depends On It

I am excited to publish a guest post today from Joshua Waldman, author of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies.  He is also the founder of Career Enlightenment; a site with a treasure trove of great information that can help you leverage social media to fortify your job search. Read More...