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Your Elevator Pitch

Your elevator pitch is a succinct and persuasive sales pitch on who you are.  If it is used for job or internship searches, and is often coupled with a purpose statement regarding what you want or are looking for.

Remember in hiring, it is not about you, it is about the employer solving their problem.  How will their organization be better, by hiring you.  To do that, some great research where you discover what the employer is seeking is in order.  If you cannot determine this exactly, you can do some basic research armed with questions for the company as to what they are seeking.

The research show the recruiter that you have done some homework (that will make you stand out).

To develop your elevator pitch here are some steps: (More)

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How To Read Your Interviewer and Questions They May Ask

When going in for the big interview, it is important to set the right tone with your interviewer. You can do this by learning how to “read” your interviewer. Reading in this case translates to understanding how to best know what your interviewer is asking you, and how to relate to them. Below are some tips on how to do just that! Read More...

9 Steps For Closing In On This Summer's Internship

You are in college, you want an internship for this summer, and you do not have anything firmly lined up. So what should you do?

  1. Keep Prospecting:


Introduction to Informational Interviews

An informational interview is a meeting with a professional to learn about opportunity and viability relative to your future career. A productive place to explore would be:

- At a company that you may be interested in Read More...

The Single Most Important Interview Secret

I recently read a great book for young people who are transitioning from college to career. The Bigs, by Ben Carpenter, offers some of the clearest thinking and ‘how-to’ advice I have come across for 18-24 year-olds. In addition to his book, his website is full of valuable information accented by 13 short The Bigs Videos that are must-sees for every emerging college student (and their parents as well). Read More...

How to Build Your Personal Network 

It is widely known that other than your accomplishments and abilities (your brand), the most important game-changer is your personal network. Want to know how to build your personal network? You need to network with people who are going where you are going, or are at where you are headed. Read More...

Nailing the Job Fair - Making This Essential Event Your Own

‘Tis the season, here comes the fall job fair.  Next week I am at both Howard University and MIT with a workshop that is designed for students to ‘own’ their job fair experience.  How do they prepare in order to be performing in the top 10% of all students who attend job fairs this fall everywhere in America?  That’s the essence of the sessions. Read More...

The Latest From Our Blog

The Advantage of Audio

One who learns and grows faster, advances faster. Knowledge is not stagnant. The world moves quickly and, in a relevant sense, you are either growing or falling behind. A great goal is to up your intake of learning through the advantage of audio with educational and thought provoking audio topics like Read More...

Expanding Your Network for Great Career Advantage with LinkedIn

This is about leveraging your LinkedIn network but let me give you some real life context.  This will bring together your-brand, your-network and LinkedIn in order to give you career advantage. According to Read More...

Referencing 101

At some juncture in the interview process you will need to provide references.  By this time things are getting serious.  Generally you are not asked to submit references until the employer is near the hiring decision and you have made it through most of the gauntlet. The last thing you want to do is Read More...

Branding, Networking and Syllabus Day

OK, first day of class and it is time to review the syllabus.  A quick lesson:

  • Your personal network can change your life/career
  • Building your network is intentional and you have more ‘networking events’ than you recognize

our Prof reviews the syllabus, the same drill at campuses all over the world. Read More...

How do I Elevate My Personal Brand?

Think of the concept of branding like this:  A hiring manager has two different candidates under consideration.  All elements being equal:

  • Candidate A:  Has general ambition, good potential, skills and grades
  • Candidate B: Has specific ambition demonstrated by two different internships applicable to the role they are interviewing for; Read More...

The Most Important Factor of Interview Preparation

There are many areas you can work on and develop regarding interview preparation.  This blog will focus on the most important one, research.

Why is research so very important?  When you research well prior to the interview, you will learn many things: 

The World Rewards Those Who Make the World Go Faster

When you think about it, those who make things happen in life are both sought after and paid more richly.  Some people, by their very involvement, make ‘the world go faster.’

  • They better their employers
  • They better their work groups
  • They have a positive impact on groups or associations that they belong to Read More...

Why You Should Use LinkedIn - Like Your Career Depends On It

I am excited to publish a guest post today from Joshua Waldman, author of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies.  He is also the founder of Career Enlightenment; a site with a treasure trove of great information that can help you leverage social media to fortify your job search. I strongly recommend his Dummies book as well as his new book: The Social Media Job Search Workbook. Read More...

Five Top Achievements - Essentials to Brag About

This is from a recent Campus-to-Career.com blog (7 Crucial Tips for Interviewing) http://campus-to-career.com/2014/03/11/7-crucial-interview-tips/ regarding interview preparation: 

Interviewing Tip #6 reads like this: 

Have Five Top Achievements Ready To Discuss:

Leveraging Campus Resources For Your Job Search

Once you land in your first role, you can rest assured that your new employer wants ahighly engaged employee.  What’s that?  Employees who operate consistently above and beyond the norm.  Better described they: 

  1. Put the Company or Organizational above themselves


Being Socially Smart

I have come to admire an emerging firm, Social Assurity.  They deliver personalized social media management services for college and career advantage.  Social Assurity has quickly become a thought leader in the discussion of how social media impacts college admissions and career placement decisions. They entered the conversation with a new common sense approach advocating viewing social media as an asset.  Read More...

Interview Preparation - An Essential Lesson

A $200,000 Private College Degree + No Interview Prep = No Job Offer

Essentials of Interview Preparation

A friend of mine whom I greatly respect was interviewing a recent college grad for his hot newly public company.  The company offers high growth, great culture, equity and cash compensation for everyone, Read More...