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Welcome Juniors

If by now, you've engaged in 20 informational interviews, attended every Career and Internship fair, and have a polished LinkedIn and resume then you are clearly on a great path for an internship between your Junior and Senior year, and you most likely have an idea what you want to do for a living. If this is you, we're here to help fortify those skills. if not, DON'T PANIC, we're here to help you get started! 
Since your runway to graduation is shorter than a freshman's, we suggest you work on these skills and practices:

  • Ideally you should have nearly 30 informational interviews done, we suggest 8 per semester since your Freshman year. 
  • Expanding your network through LinkedIn and Informational Interviews



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The Most Important Factor of Interview Preparation 

There are many areas you can work on and develop regarding interview preparation.  This blog will focus on the most important one, research.

Why is research so very important?  When you research well prior to the interview, you will learn many things: Read More...

Leveraging Campus Resources For Your Job Search

Once you land in your first role, you can rest assured that your new employer wants a highly engaged employee.  What’s that?  Employees who operate consistently above and beyond the norm.  Better described they: 

  1. Put the Company or Organizational above themselves

What Do You Want? From Your College Experience?

When you are a senior in college you have invested 16 years of your life on education, not even counting pre-school and Kindergarten.  It is reasonable to ask, why?  What do you want?  Not from only from college, but from your life. Read More...

Choosing Your Best Career Path

Some of life’s greatest pleasures come from the ability of choice. Whether we are thinking about where to live, who to love, or what to buy, we all like the ability to choose. The same can be said about choosing your career path. While there is no magic formula or treasure map to follow Read More...

Debt, Both Credit Card and Student Loans - Some Quick Advice

How you manage money while you are on campus really affects life after college. By and large, students have been given NO personal finance training prior to college, and little to none on campus. Yet they have a mountain of decisions to make. Read More...

Top 5 Tips to Help You Excel at Your Summer Internship

For your summer internship you have two objectives:

  1. Exceed the expectations of the assignment you were given
  2. Stand out as a high potential future employee


H3 Header: Say A Bit More About The Problem You Solve

This area is not to tell your buyers about you and how special you are; this pace is designated to speak a bit about the problem you solve.

You can say what’s wrong about the way the problem is typically approached and why typical approaches just don’t work.

Remember short paragraphs work better though.  Make sure you bold important stuff.

This text is also important for SEO. if you have to talk about this before your services, go on and move it up. But the goal of this page is to send your buyer to the right place in the site.

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The Latest From Our Blog

4 Steps to a Great Job Start - The Halo Effect

Some new employees show up and make a terrific first impression and often, that has powerful downstream implications. They create a kind of ‘Halo Effect’ that leads to a positive assumption that they will be great: 

  • What a great hire!
  • Put her on the ___ (high visibility project with the best senior people)


3 Reasons Your 20's are Your Defining Decade

Your twenty-something years are critical for your success for three reasons:

  • Biologically: Your brain will go through its final growth spurt and rewire itself for adulthood. You want to make the changes NOW that will reward you for the rest of your life.


Your #1 Objective as You Set Foot on Campus this Fall 

Millions of you are on campus for the fall.  Some of you are newly minted freshman and many others are making your return from summer break.  Interests, area of study, and academic environments vary. BUT, you all share the same #1 objective. There are over 21 million of you attending college in America, and over 150 million post-secondary students worldwide and yes, you ALL have the same objective. Read More...

Spend More Time Studying for a Midterm Than Prepping for the Spring Career Fair? Really? Are You Nuts? 

Across thousands of campuses this semester there will be a Spring Career Fair, and it is essential to your future that you attend and participate.  It serves a few very important purposes:

  • It is often a path to internships and jobs
  • It is a great chance to build your professional network


Starting Salaries For Master's Degree Students

NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) has published its Winter 2016 Salary survey for those with Master’s Degrees. Below is real data of median income salaries from hiring companies who reported back to NACE. 

As with all other salary information, the salary itself does not tell the whole story on earnings. If you are contemplating pursuing a master’s degree for your next step, know the following elements must be considered: 


Introduction to Informational Interviews

An informational interview is a meeting with a professional to learn about opportunity and viability relative to your future career. A productive place to explore would be:

- At a company that you may be interested in

- With a person who works within an industry where you might have interest

- With someone working in a role, or that has worked in a role that you can see yourself starting in Read More...

First Jobs Can Be Precedent Setting

Your first job is very important as you depart from campus. If you have done a great search, you not only have a job, but it is the first step in a career that you are very excited about. It should be an area or industry that will grow over the course of your working years, so as you become great, opportunity abounds. That first job also can be precedent setting as well.  Read More...

The Physical vs. Virtual Job Search - Expanding Your Employment Opportunities 

On campus you are surrounded by many events and opportunities to find employment through internships and/or full time jobs. These fall into the category of the ‘physical job search’ which include events and contacts that you can physically engage with to find an opportunity. Read More...

Dream Big and May Those Dreams Frighten You

Pope Francis just visited and regardless of your faithfulness or lack thereof, he moved everyone he came in contact with. I believe he inspired us to raise the bar of expectation on a variety of issues. Don’t settle for what is given today, but raise the bar to a grander vision. I think that this touches on a huge issue facing us today and with that, reveals opportunity for all of us.  Read More...

What is an Emergency Fund?

Every major financial guru that I know recommends having an emergency fund, and for good reason. This MUST be part of your financial plans as you move forward. Modest, regular funding into an emergency fund will get you to where you need to be over time. Read More...

Easy Steps to a Comfortable Retirement if You Don't Squander Your 20's

In the spring of this year the Class of 2015 ushered more than 1.8 million college graduates into the workforce. For most of these graduates, getting a job was priority number one.  Read More...

College Financial Wellness

I recently attended the National Summit on Collegiate Financial Wellness on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington. This is the second year of this conference developed by Ohio State and Indiana University. It is packed with student wellness professionals dedicated to improving college financial wellness for today's college students. Read More...