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Welcome High School Students

Every year 3.3 million students graduate from high school.  The journey for them will be to go through either: community/technical colleges, universities or straight into the workforce.  We are here to help no mater what is your path.

Essentially, the macro paths is the same for all.  Ultimately you need to get a job, thrive in that role, replace it quickly if need be, be smart with the money you make, and along the way fund a plan that you understand bringing you toward your eventual financial independence.  

Your 20's is critical.  Having an early understanding of the big picture has a huge positive impact.  Also knowing that during your 20's you have to develop your reputation or brand, that you capitalize on in your 30's and beyond.


Student Retirement Calculator Carve a realistic strategy to millions in net worth at retirement Note: It may take 20 seconds to load

9 Steps For Closing In on This Summer's Internship

You are in college, you want an internship for this summer, and you do not have anything firmly lined up. So what should you do?

  1. Keep Prospecting: Until you have an offer in writing, you must keep prospecting. Verbal conversations that say ‘we are going to offer you a role,’ OR ‘we are working on it,’ don’t count and are NOT binding. You only have one, ‘this summer.’ Keep hunting until you have a solid offer.


Figuring Out What You Want To Do - Your Career

There are three macro objectives one must achieve as you navigate through your learning years:

  1. Get your education
  2. Figure out what you want to do
  3. Become employed

Let’s focus today on figuring out what you want to do as a career. Woe is the college senior when asked:

Introduction to Informational Interviews

An informational interview is a meeting with a professional to learn about opportunity and viability relative to your future career. A productive place to explore would be:

At a company that you may be interested in, With a person who works within an industry where you might have interest, With someone working in a role, or that has worked in a role that you can see yourself starting in Read More...

Dream Big and May Those Dreams Frighten You

Pope Francis just visited and regardless of your faithfulness or lack thereof, he moved everyone he came in contact with. I believe he inspired us to raise the bar of expectation on a variety of issues. Don’t settle for what is given today, but raise the bar to a grander vision. Read More...

Four (Not So Obvious) Reasons You Go To College

I speak to thousands of college students each year and I usually open with:

Why are you here? What do you want from your education?

Students most often give me vague answers like: 

What To Do in College To Be Successful

The Study

About a year ago, Gallup and Purdue released a study where they tested workers just beyond mid-career in order to assess them on two fronts:



Coming Soon!

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More Job Offers For the Class of 2016 vs. 2015

While the time is winding down for the Class of 2016, those of you entering the working world should be excited about this. Employers expect to hire 5.2% more from the Class of 2016 than they hired from the Class of 2015. For those of you still looking for a job, the numbers are working in your favor. Read More...

50 Degrees Most Likely To Land You a Job in 2016

I came across a terrific article backed up by sound analysis pointing to employment. The original article I found in USA TODAY. Remember, your campus years are your launching pad. It is a time for discovery and shaping your path. Research, before and during those years, can lead you Read More...

If You Go With The Flow, The Flow Is Where You'll Go

On nearly every college campus I visit, Freshmen don’t frequent the Career Center. They figure getting a job is soooooo far off, so they don’t prioritize that activity. As Seniors stare down the barrel of ‘needing a job’, nearly all wish they had started this process sooner, and for good reason. Read More...

Choosing Your Best Career Path

Some of life’s greatest pleasures come from the ability of choice. Whether we are thinking about where to live, who to love, or what to buy, we all like the ability to choose. The same can be said about choosing your career path. While there is no magic formula or treasure map to follow that will ultimately lead you to your ideal job and career, there are a few things you can do to help make the decision easier. Read More...

First Jobs Can Be Precedent Setting

Your first job is very important as you depart from campus. If you have done a great search, you not only have a job, but it is the first step in a career that you are very excited about. It should be an area or industry that will grow over the course of your working years, so as you become great, opportunity abounds. That first job also can be precedent setting as well. Let’s face it, when you leave campus you don’t really know a lot (sorry if I am hurting your feelings, but please hear me out).  Read More...

How To Build Your Personal Network

It is widely known that other than your accomplishments and abilities (your brand), the most important game-changer is your personal network.

Want to know how to build your personal network? You need to network with people who are going where you are going, or are at where you are headed. 

It is that simple.

A Quest For Betterment (The Prerequisite to Success)

The work at LearnEarnRetire is for the 18-24 year old, usually in college, but always in a quest for betterment. Toward that end, I want to share some advice I got from a book that I think is one of the best books ever on networking and professional development, The Start-Up of YOURead More...

Your #1 Objective As You Set Foot On Campus This Fall

Millions of you are on campus for the fall.  Some of you are newly minted freshman and many others are making your return from summer break.  Interests, area of study, and academic environments vary. BUT, you all share the same #1 objective. Read More...

The Single Most Important Interview Secret

I recently read a great book for young people who are transitioning from college to career. The Bigs, by Ben Carpenter, offers some of the clearest thinking and ‘how-to’ advice I have come across for 18-24 year-olds. Read More...

Today It's a Summer Job, Tomorrow It's a Reference

We are in the midst of summer.  A lot of students are working.  Many are in jobs that are not internships in their potential future field.  Plain and simple, millions are working to sock away some money. So let’s say you have ‘a job.’  You don’t love it.  Maybe you don’t even like it.  It is just a‘summer job.’ Read More...

5 Best/Worst Majors - You Really Need To Share/Read This

What are the 5 best/worst majors?  These articles come around often, I am sending this one your way with some advice.  You can Google and see lots of these-type best/worst lists.  The link to this article is at the end of this post. Read More...

Branding, Networking and Syllabus Day

OK, first day of class and it is time to review the syllabus.  A quick lesson:

  • Your personal network can change your life/career
  • Building your network is intentional and