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Teaching Students Financial Independence

This curriculum has generated one of the fastest growing and most popular classes at Ohio University.  It incorporates transformational skills on both employment and personal finance.  It teaches students how to leave campus with multiple job offers, thrive in that role, replace it quickly and efficiently if need be (voluntary or involuntary departure), be wise with money they earn and all the while progress on a plan for their own financial independence in this near pension-less world.

It uses the case study of the Baby Boom (the first recent generation who self-managed retirement with the introduction of the 401k), and uses their outcomes to motivate early behavior to avoid career and financial trouble.

At a macro level the course covers:

  • Helping students discover the big picture of what they want out of their career and lives
  • Leveraging campus resources in the areas of employment skills and personal finance
  • Obtain internships during their college years relevant to their future employment
  • Leave campus with multiple job offers while learning a process that will derive multiple job offers on subsequent searches in their careers
  • Thrive in that first role
  • Be wise with the money they earn
  • All the while building toward their eventual financial independence post-career

This sets the stage for career and financial success post-college. Students will recognize and have the skills to immediately deploy in order to better their chances of a powerful start.

This class is taught by Adjunct Professor Alan J. McMillan via the Wealth & Poverty Theme in Ohio Universities College of Arts & Science.

Student Retirement Calculator Carve a realistic strategy to millions in net worth at retirement Note: It may take 20 seconds to load

50 Degrees Most Likely To Land You a Job in 2016

I came across a terrific article backed up by sound analysis pointing to employment. The original article I found in USA TODAY. Remember, your campus years are your launching pad. It is a time for discovery and shaping your path.Research, before and during those years, can lead you to a better outcome, whatever you choose that outcome to become. Read More...

3 Reasons That Your 20's are Your Defining Decade

Your twenty-something years are critical for your success for three reasons:

  • Biologically: Your brain will go through its final growth spurt and rewire itself for adulthood. You want to make the changes NOW that will reward you for the rest of your life.


Should You Have Your College Logo On Your Business Card?

A reader wrote in last week with a question: “Is it OK to have your college's logo on your business card?” 

Sure, but I don’t recommend it and here is why

All you need on your business card is your name, email and cell number. If you have only those items, they do not become dated, and they will be relevant until your box of business cards runs out. Read More...

Why Are There No Freshmen At The Career Fair?

The dynamic is the same at 3,500+ college campuses across America: Freshmen are generally nowhere to be found at the career center because they perceive the need to find a job as 'sooo faaar awaaay.' Then there are the seniors, who did not work on their job search during their time on campus. Read More...

New Grads Are Seeking Personal Growth Opportunities

As the class of 2015 entered the job market, they reported that the ‘opportunity for personal growth’ was high on their list of things they were looking for in the workplace.  It was rated higher than job security itself. Read More...

More Job Offers for the Class of 2016 vs. 2015

While the time is winding down for the Class of 2016, those of you entering the working world should be excited about this. Employers expect to hire 5.2% more from the Class of 2016 than they hired from the Class of 2015. For those of you still looking for a job, the numbers are working in your favor. Read More...


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Huge Financial Advantage - The Tale of the Twin Sisters

Getting to financial independence is elusive to most and it shouldn’t be.  Here is a story that breaks down the biggest component to get you to your financial freedom.  I tell this tale every time I speak to young people about their financial wellbeing and they tell me consistently this is one of the most powerful metaphors they have ever heard. Read More...

Salary Survey - Starting Salaries by Academic Major 2016

The NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) Winter 2016 Salary Survey is out. It reports starting salaries (excluding: bonuses, fringe benefits, and commissions). STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) graduates are expected to receive the highest salaries according to the NACE Job Outlook 2016 survey. Read More...

Good News About Social Security - Will You Ever Get a Dime?

Young people universally know that they will pay into the Social Security upon employment, yet they have little optimism that there will be anything left for them when they hit their Golden Years.

No Wonder Why You Anticipate Bad News


Repeat Internships and Job Offers

Are students who repeat an internship with an employer more likely to convert to a full time offer?

This is a really important question that you need to get your arms around in that, if you were to get an internship between your sophomore and junior year and then be asked back for a repeat internship, you have to forego a potential internship with another company between your junior and senior year. Read More...

Being Money Smart: Lessons from the 'Millionaire Next Door'

I often quote the blockbuster bestseller (a bit dated in its research, but still completely on target) The Millionaire Next Door. The basic lesson is under-consumption for sake of long-term investment and your financial freedom. In this work, authors Thomas Stanley and William Danko researched self-made millionaires in America in order to find best practices that can serve as a guide to us all. Read More...

Pack Your Business Cards for Fall Semester

Business cards are not on your list for your Fall Semester? BIG MISTAKE. 

I don’t care if it is college, high school, vocational school or technical college: to gainGREAT advantage, you need business cards. Let me explain: Most students don’t expand their professional network efficiently. They have not yet learned that the size and quality of their network has huge effects on their future career and net-worth. Read More...

College Financial Wellness

I recently attended the National Summit on Collegiate Financial Wellness on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington. This is the second year of this conference developed by Ohio State and Indiana University. It is packed with student wellness professionals dedicated to improving college financial wellness for today's college students.

Here are some highlights I gleaned this year:

Nailing the Job Fair - Making This Essential Event Your Own

‘Tis the season, here comes the fall job fair.  Next week I am at both Howard University and MIT with a workshop that is designed for students to ‘own’ their job fair experience.  How do they prepare in order to be performing in the top 10% of all students who attend job fairs this fall everywhere in America?  That’s the essence of the sessions. Read More...

How Do You Leave Campus and Transition to Career Economics? 

As over 1.8 million college graduates enter the workforce, they face an economic inflection point. Change in their financial life will perhaps never be as dramatic as the transition to career economics. It is advisable that the Class of 2015 look at a revealing case study of those who preceded them, the Baby Boomers. Read More...

Job Outlook for the Class of 2016

NACE, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (think college career centers partnered with employers) just released preliminary numbers that show:

  • 35.8% of employers will hire more students this Fall than they did last Fall
  • Only 8.6% will hire fewer
  • And 37% will hire the same

NACE will conduct another survey that will reflect hiring in the Spring of 2016.  I will keep you posted as to those results as well. Read More...

5 Ways Students can C.R.A.F.T. an Effective Social Media Presence 

Your social media presence is now becoming as important as your resume.  As the founder of SocialAssurity, Alan Katzman says, “…Young people view their social media as a peer to peer message but that is not reality, it is a global message.”  Today we introduce Alan Katzaman as a contributing author.  I recommend his site, and product offerings in that I always learn a lot from our interactions.  He is a thought leader in the field.  Welcome Alan!


The Best 8 Minute Video on the Net

Attached you will find a link to 8 minutes that can change your life IF, you follow what NY Times best selling author David Bachsays.  He outlines the essence of his blockbusting best seller, TheAutomatic Millionaire.  He even offers a free download of an updated version of that work, and Start Over Finish Rich for free.  Both works are timeless and apply perfectly to you today. If you are in your 20 something years and don’t play horrible economic defense, I believe this will make you a millionaire, provided you invest conservatively in equities, reinvest their earnings, and do not tap those funds until retirement. Read More...