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How to be Successful in College

Posted by LearnEarnRetire on Thu, Oct 27, 2016 @ 09:00 AM
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How to Transition from Campus to Career in 4 Steps

Posted by LearnEarnRetire on Tue, Oct 25, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

As over 1.8 million college graduates enter the workforce, they face an economic inflection point. Change in their financial life will perhaps never be as dramatic as the transition to career economics.

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Should I Really Get an MBA?

Posted by Ben Carpenter on Thu, Oct 13, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

As the end of the semester starts to wrap up, and seniors start to graduate in late April, there are always a few students that want to extend their college degree to a master’s program. In this case of business, an MBA.

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If You Go With the Flow, The Flow is Where You’ll Go

Posted by LearnEarnRetire on Tue, Mar 22, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

On nearly every college campus I visit, Freshmen don’t frequent the Career Center. They figure getting a job is soooooo far off, so they don’t prioritize that activity.

As Seniors stare down the barrel of ‘needing a job’, nearly all wish they had started this process sooner, and for good reason. Of students who graduate with a bachelors, half get a job that required a degree. The other half begin their careers either unemployed or under-employed (taking a job that does not require a degree).

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Repeat Internships and Job Offers

Posted by Alan J. McMillan on Fri, Aug 07, 2015 @ 07:00 AM

Are students who repeat an internship with an employer more likely to convert to a full time offer?

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Spend More Time Studying For a Midterm Than Prepping for the Spring Career Fair? Really? Are You Nuts?

Posted by Alan McMillian on Mon, Feb 16, 2015 @ 09:00 AM

Across thousands of campuses this semester there will be a Spring Career Fair, and it is essential to your future that you attend and participate.  It serves a few very important purposes:

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Nailing The Job Fair – Making This Essential Event Your Own

Posted by Alan J. McMillan on Fri, Sep 12, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

‘Tis the season, here comes the fall job fair.  Next week I am at both Howard University and MIT with a workshop that is designed for students to ‘own’ their job fair experience.  How do they prepare in order to be performing in the top 10% of all students who attend job fairs this fall everywhere in America?  That’s the essence of the sessions.

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Why You Go to College – Is This You?

Posted by Alan J. McMillan on Tue, Sep 09, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

UCLA’s CIRP (Cooperative Institutional Research Program) just released a survey on why students go to college.  About 300,000 freshmen students from approximately 300 four year colleges completed the survey prior to the start of classes.  This body of work spans over 40 years of data and expertise in the subject matter itself.

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Branding, Networking and Syllabus Day

Posted by Alan J. McMillan on Mon, Aug 25, 2014 @ 09:00 AM

OK, first day of class and it is time to review the syllabus.  A quick lesson:

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Financially Literate? Compare Yourself to These Stats!

Posted by Alan J. McMillan on Thu, Jul 31, 2014 @ 09:35 AM

Professionals from colleges all over America dedicated to building financial literacy amongst students on their campuses gathered at Ohio State University this week.  The National Summit on Financial Wellness, organized by Ohio State University and Indiana University, was a huge success if not ground breaking.

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