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How to Nail Your Career Fair-Post Career Fair Follow-Up (part three)

Posted by LearnEarnRetire on Tue, Feb 09, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Career Fair Follow-up

One of the most important phases of working a job fair is the follow-up. It is crucial that you take this step seriously because like the first impression you made to the recruiter, this is what they will remember you by. 

Another great point is that most students are horrible at the follow-up, so by doing so in a professional manner you will move up the ladder of consideration.

One critical mistake students make is not following-up with the recruiter after the job fair. This is a big mistake in personal networking.

You want to tie-down with context via email within 12 hours of meeting them. With context? Yes, you tell them it was great meeting them but you go further and re-state some items they said.  Let them know that their insight made their company even more exciting in your eyes if that’s the case (they will love it.)

6 Steps for the Follow-Up Tie-Down email:

  1. Thank them for meeting and talking to you.
  2. Let them know you are excited to have met them.
  3. Make sure to include details from the conversation with the recruiter (refer to your notes from the event.)
  4. Don’t forget to include an action step (this will reiterate your interest in the company and moving forward).  It could be attaching your resume or forwarding them something you talked about.
  5. Do not write these on a smartphone. Your grammar and spelling will be a lot better if you take the time to write it out on a PC/Mac. Remember, just like a resume, your grammar and writing skills in the follow-up can be the difference between a recruiter wanting you for the job or throwing your name out of the running. Proofreading is essential. Don’t get lazy on this step.
  6. Make sure you leave them knowing what you plan to do next. If you put the next-action on your side, you maintain more control.  Don’t expect that recruiters will always follow-up with you. Give them a specific reason that makes you stand out from the crowd and stay in touch.
    1. Some examples of next action steps:
      • I will review the job position you mentioned today and get back to you next Tuesday
      • I will review the packet that you gave me and call you this Wednesday
      • I will follow up with an email detailing my schedule for an interview next week.

Also another thing to remember is to stay organized. I suggest putting all your notes in a central repository. Organization is essential. You are in a multi-step campaign for your internship or job. You will have multiple companies you are talking to. Good note taking will serve you well.

Put these three phases (Prep, Day-Of, and Post Career Fair Follow-Up) together, and you have yourself a winning strategy and a great plan.

It’s YOUR career fair, now go NAIL IT!

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