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Get Rich Slowly

Posted by LearnEarnRetire on Tue, Jul 05, 2016 @ 09:00 AM

Get Rich Slowly

I was just turned on to a great book.  Short, to the point, and available for free (link at the end of this article).  It was written by Dr. William Bernstein who has authored several best-selling books on finance and history, and is often quoted in the national financial media.  His words of wisdom coincide perfectly with the LearnEarnRetire financial doctrine: 

  • Start early 
  • Get to 15% of your income as soon as you can 
  • Invest in equities (stocks), usually in an IRA (401k plan) 
  • Don’t touch it until you want to retire in 30-40 years. 

 In his words:   

For years I've thought about a project to help today's young people invest for retirement because, frankly, there's still hope for them, unlike for most of their Boomer parents. All they'll have to do is to put away 15% of their salaries into a low-cost target fund or a simple three-fund index allocation for 30 to 40 years. Which is pretty much the same as saying that if someone exercises and eats a lot less, he'll lose 30 pounds. Simple, but not easy.  

 Not easy because unless the millennials learn a small amount about finance, they'll fall victim to the Five Horsemen of Personal Finance Apocalypse: failure to save: 

  • ignorance of financial theory,  
  • unawareness of financial history,  
  • dysfunctional psychology,  
  • and the rapacity of the investment industry.  

 If You Can is just the ticket to guide the young—and not so young—investor through this thicket.  

His book is free on Kindle.

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