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Twitter Lays Off 8% of Its Workforce – How To Be Ready For an Unexpected Disruption of Employment

Who could have imagined the highflying Twitter, experiencing massive growth and industry leadership, would now be facing a major layoff. The message? We all need to be prepared for our next, and often unexpected, job search in the new economy. 

You can be with an industry leader, even a highflying meteor, and then wham, you face a job search just as the estimated 330+ will at Twitter. What’s the lesson for you?

Always Be Ready For Your Next Job Search 

For students on campus or early in their careers, the amount of jobs you will have has drastically changed. Two generations ago, your grandparents had one or two jobs. Your parents had between nine and 11. A report I was recently briefed on from a leading recruitment firm estimated that your generation will have in the neighborhood of 17. This includes part-time, high school, and through retirement. This means you should be ready for a new role or job every 2-4 years.

Remember the job search equation:

Your Brand + Your Network + A High-Activity Process-Based Job Search =Multiple Offers

So your daily execution of development and growth keeps you ready and confident for whatever the future will bring.

Always Be Building Your Brand

The world is moving so fast that even over-achievers will lose their edge when it comes to advancement and hire-ability if they do not develop and grow faster than the market. We all need to constantly push ourselves with life long learning and personal growth. This is no longer an advantage, it is an essential.

Fortunately with the Internet there are many vehicles to make this easy:

  • Search for news and information within your industry and job role (find and aspire knowledge to take your game to a higher level)
  • Set Google-Alerts to notify you on relevant materials in your chosen sector of employment (be on top of the knowledge curve)
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Watch relevant content on YouTube
  • Read books (from physical to electronic to audio)
  • Attend live seminars

Grow and develop faster than your counterparts both within and beyond your organization. Also grow your market value and appeal.

You need a development agenda that becomes a lifelong habit. If you don’t have one, set one in place now.

Always Build Your Professional Network

Most of your future opportunities and jobs will come from those you know and those they know. It is normal if you have to begin an unexpected job search, to view your connections and see how they might know of, or be able to refer you to an opportunity. If you have kept in touch and served those persons well, you are in a great place. Also, who is in your network really maters. The more people with influence, the better their ability to help and effect success. Remember the golden networking rule: Expand your network with people who are going where you are aspiring to be, or at where you are headed.

Remember the key to expanding you network is to always be:

  • Growing
  • Nurturing
  • And serving your network

Maintain Organization

You need to engage in a high-activity process-based job search. The key to that is to have the contacts that can point you to opportunity both within their world, or refer you to influential and connected people that they know. Then you can mine this resource and create daily next actions:

  • Contact
  • Meet with
  • Dialogue

I recommend a simple spreadsheet that will keep you both organized and prompt so you remember opportunities and people who you can reach out to. Modify it as you see fit and when you close a search, keep it ready for the next one.

The Reality

If you are hit with an unexpected disruption of employment, it is both normal and natural to be panicked. A critical career skill is to supplement the panic with a process that you are confident in. With great execution, this will lead to multiple offers.

Are you building your brand and network today?

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