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The World Rewards Those Who Make the World Go Faster

When you think about it, those who make things happen in life are both sought after and paid more richly.  Some people, by their very involvement, make ‘the world go faster.’

  • They better their employers
  • They better their work groups
  • They have a positive impact on groups or associations that they belong to
  • They seem to get more accomplished than others

Simply put, they just seem to make things happen.

There is an old expression about the three types of people in the world:

  • Those who make it happen
  • Those who watch it happen
  • And those who ask, ‘what just happened?’

If you were the hiring manager

  • Who would you hire?
  • Who would you promote?
  • Who would you give the best assignment on the team that everyone wants to?

As with all things, it comes from your intention to be an over-achiever, to break-out from the crowd, and to be or become one who ‘delivers.’

Don’t forget the little things, because they add up to create a big impact.

At the core of getting things done is communication.  Being productive is not enough.  We all work with others.  It is amazing to me how poorly many communicate.

NOTE:  If any of the following sounds like your current behavior patterns, no-problem.  Most people your age need to step up their skills.  What I am trying to do is point out a way for you to elevate your game and take a further step in your journey to be exceptional.  The fact that you are reading this, and forwarding it to others, says you have what it takes.

Here are some scenarios where you can literally make things around you go faster:

  • If you call or text someone about a project or task (even meeting up later that evening) would it not be best to state why you are communicating rather than just, ‘call me.’  The answer is yes.
  • If someone says in a message, ‘I need to brief you on a project’ that say you guys are working on, it is an improvement from ‘call me’ but would it not be better and make things go faster by you suggesting a time to sync up for a meeting and offer a few times that you are open?  The answer is yes.
  • If you send an email requesting this, would it not be better to have your cell number in the signature line of the email?  The answer is yes.
  • If you are asking someone to call you, would it not be better to have your voice and name on the voicemail announcement?  The answer is yes.
  • If you are communicating via electronic sources (voicemail to text) would it not be best to check AND RESPOND a few times a day?  The answer is yes.
  • If you leave a message (voicemail to text) is it not best to use good grammar and a well thought out message.  The answer is yes.
  • If you are going to be late or miss a deadline, is it not best to call in advance and notify the party you’re meeting with or the person who you owe a deliverable to?  The answer is yes.
  • And in the case of missing a deadline, is it not best to communicate in advance vs. the last minute AND tell them when you think you can have it done?  The answer is yes.
  • Does your Smartphone receive all forms of communications that you are using?  If not make it so, it that it will help you with all of the above.

Nebulous, un-actionable communications make the world go slower.

All too soon, you will be in the workforce and your habits will affect your performance.  Communications and collaboration skills make a big difference.

This week, become cognoscente of communication by others to you.  Do you see ways is could be more efficient?  If so, let that be a lesson to self.

As you migrate from campus to career, you need to elevate your A-Game on many dimensions.  It is best to change/enhance them now, because to think when you get hired into the workforce that miraculously you will perform and communicate at a higher more professional level is folly.  Remember at that point, most of the people you will be working with have many years of professional experience and few are fresh out of school.  Habits need time to develop in order to become your new normal.  Start now.

If most of your peers are not communicating like this, well then, it sounds like it is easy to stand out…  Isn’t that great!

The bottom line:  People who have a reputation of getting things done and are easy to work with are very sought after (Read:  The Brand You Want to Convey vs. The Brand That You Portray).  Communication skills are key.  Enhance yours today.

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