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The Advantage of Audio

One who learns and grows faster, advances faster. Knowledge is not stagnant. The world moves quickly and, in a relevant sense, you are either growing or falling behind.

A great goal is to up your intake of learning through the advantage of audio with educational and thought provoking audio topics like

  • Success lessons
  • Knowledge
  • Skills enhancement
  • Inspiration
  • Publications

or categories like

  • Time management
  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Personal finance
  • Best sellers in the field you are pursuing

This summer, you may be in an internship, working a summer job or kicking back. Whatever you are doing, it is a good time to feed your head with knowledge. If your knowledge intake is greater than the norm, that spells advantage.

My recommendation is that you learn in the beginning of the day, when you are fresh, with learning audios from your smartphone and then enjoy what you normally listen to on the way home. The advantage of audio is that it turns the morning workout, the commute in or a morning walk into learning time. When you commit to lifelong learning, the secret is consistent exposure to knowledge. At minimum, learning should take place every weekday and every week. Begin this summer, today if possible, and make this a lifelong habit.

Topics: Give some thought to areas of your life where you need to improve. It could be:

  • Writing skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Skills and lessons from best practices
  • Success stories

You get the point, but give some thought on topics that will expand your mind and personal growth. Try browsing for free Podcasts and if you find a few you like, dig in. The browsing alone will help you to form a list of ‘topics.’

Sources: Today there is a myriad of great sources to feed your head:

  • Podcasts (paid and free)
  • Audible.com (audio books)

Not to mention

  • TED talks
  • Webinars
  • Blogs
  • Searching Google or YouTube for any topic

The key is to load your Smartphone with enough audio so there is always material waiting for you. I use Audible and constantly keep a stack of books ready to go after I finish one. The app is terrific. You can even ‘bookmark’ parts of it and refer back later to extract and retain great nuggets (I put them my ‘note-keeping’ program, EverNote).

The boss said, “I just read…” Your prof said, “An amazing book about this is…” You read an article and it referenced… You get the picture- feed your head.

Now get after it: Just begin. Again, the key is consistency and making this a morning ritual. If habits are hard to break and this becomes a new habit, you are setting yourself up well for success.

Have realistic exceptions. Not every session is a ‘breakthrough’ but you always learn something. The first day (like going the gym) might not feel like you learned a lot, but the cumulative effect of this ritual will have long-term career and life benefits that are literally game-changing.

Others will regard you as well read (or in this case, heard) and informed (and you will be).

Crank it up and listen to the advantage of audio!

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