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Spend More Time Studying For a Midterm Than Prepping for the Spring Career Fair? Really? Are You Nuts?

Across thousands of campuses this semester there will be a Spring Career Fair, and it is essential to your future that you attend and participate.  It serves a few very important purposes:

  • It is often a path to internships and jobs
  • It is a great chance to build your professional network
  • And it is also a opportunity for you to deploy and enhance your job search skills

First, you are blowing a great opportunity if you don’t have a strategy.  Just showing up, without a strategy and preparation will guarantee you to get suboptimal results.

If you don’t know where to begin, or really want to nail the career fair, try these links for more information and suggestions:

o   Nailing a Career Fair

o   Pre-Job Fair Prep

o   Executing The Day of the Job Fair

o   Post Job Fair Follow-up

Set your strategy and determine what you want. Do the prep and do the research that you need in advance. Here are the three things you need to be able to convey before walking up to the company’s table:

  • What the company does
  • Why you are interested
  • And a couple of great questions

Let me help you with some insightful, if not impressive questions for the recruiter: 


  •   Hi, I’m ____ and I have researched your company and found ____
  •   I’m a ___(insert your elevator pitch, and be sure to state what you want. An internship or a job, major,     when you are available or whatever)___ and I am interested because ___
  •   I have a couple of questions:
  •   Out of all of the new-hires you brought on-board in the last few years, if you think of the real standouts and most impressive hires, what did they do to make themselves so successful?  (this will force them to tell you exactly what they are looking for)
  •   How does your training program work in order to position college hires to becoming successful in your company?
  •  Then, if you are interested, you go for the close: 
  •  From my research, and now this conversation with you, your company is definitely on my short-list of companies I want to consider. What are the next steps?

Freshmen tend to avoid career fairs because the job is so far off. Oh yea?  Well, internships are essential to securing multiple job offers before graduation. So again, the coming career fair is essential.

Seniors most often say they wish they had started the quest for employment earlier.

Get a strategy, execute and follow up. It can be life changing.

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