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Should You Have Your College Logo on Your Business Card?


A reader wrote in last week with a question: “Is it OK to have your college's logo on your business card?” 

Sure, but I don’t recommend it and here is why

All you need on your business card is your name, email and cell number. If you have only those items, they do not become dated, and they will be relevant until your box of business cards runs out.

I have seen some very elaborate and good looking cards with a lot of information: school, their year (Junior, Senior, etc…), graduation date, major, but all of that stuff is updateable from LinkedIn and that is exactly where the recruiter or hiring manager will go if they are interested in you.

REMEMBER: You give YOUR business card in order to get THEIR business card

You can do this at Alumni Events, when you meet a guest speaker in one of your classes, when you meet others during an internship, when you meet people who are interviewing you for a potential position, and so forth.

Your objective is to:

  • Remain in touch
  • Be perceived as the professional you are aspiring to be
  • Stand out
  • And to support that, tie down with a professional email and LinkedIn invite shortly after you make contact.

The business card is simply a tool to help make this all happen. I suggest simple and to the point.

I checked online and you can get a box from between $10 and $30, which is very well worth the investment.

Keep those questions coming!

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