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New Grads Are Seeking Personal Growth Opportunities

As the class of 2015 entered the job market, they reported that the ‘opportunity for personal growth’ was high on their list of things they were looking for in the workplace.  It was rated higher than job security itself. But… you already knew that, because you are out in front in subscribing to this blog and sharpening your life/career skills every week! 

Here are the top 5 things that the class of 2015 rated as “important” in this new NACE survey:

  • Opportunity for personal growth = 93.2%
  • Job security = 86.2%
  • Friendly co-workers = 85.1%
  • Good benefits package = 79.9%
  • Recognition for good performance = 74.4%

All super-achievers who want to standout in life and career know that life long learning is an essential habit in moving up and nailing your goals and dreams.  May the quest and curiosity to always be building your knowledge, skills and strategy drive you!

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