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If You Go With The Flow, The Flow is Where you Go

If you go with the flow On nearly every college campus I visit, Freshmen don’t frequent the Career Center. They figure getting a job is soooooo far off, so they don’t prioritize that activity.

As Seniors stare down the barrel of ‘needing a job’, nearly all wish they had started this process sooner, and for good reason. Of students who graduate with a bachelors, half get a job that required a degree. The other half begin their careers either unemployed or under-employed (taking a job that does not require a degree).

So if you look to your left and right, and do what ‘others’ do, and go with the flow, the flow is where you’ll go…. 50/50 chance to start off un or under-employed.

This is terrible in that, one, you will be wasting valuable career time without developing in a challenging job. Just where you should be. And two, it didn’t have to be.

What many fail to see are the prerequisites to a successful job offer . These are getting your job search skills developed and ready for action. This is essential for three reasons:

  1. Like anything in life, becoming great at something takes more time and effort than you originally estimated.
  2. The skills will help you be more efficient and effective in your search.
  3. As you hone your skills, your confidence rises dramatically and that will show well during your quest for employment.

Finally, know this:

  • Your objective is not an offer but multiple offers so that you can pick one that aligns with your skills, passions and values and is one that is the first step in a career that you are excited about.
  • The path to multiple job offers is paved with internships, so getting your act together early on allows for you to get multiple internships.
  • Job search is a critical skill in the new economy. Think of jobs, or roles at your employer, as 2-4 year stepping stones. It is estimated that the millennial’s will have 15-17 jobs over the course of their lives.

Good luck, now get moving.

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