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Five Top Achievements - Essentials to Brag About

This is from a recent Campus-to-Career.com blog (7 Crucial Tips for Interviewing) http://campus-to-career.com/2014/03/11/7-crucial-interview-tips/ regarding interview preparation: 

Interviewing Tip #6 reads like this: 

Have Five Top Achievements Ready To Discuss: Be sure to have some brief notes available that outline a handful of the best projects you have done previously. Be ready to talk about why and how they were a success, meaning you should have numbers, percentages, etc… at your disposal during this discussion. 

That is great advice.  Most employers want to see at least a sample of success you have generated.  You need to be able to articulate:

  • - A notable accomplishment(s)
  • - What that accomplishment resulted in; what was the benefit to those involved
  • - An indication of why it would be valuable to an employer (how you intent do leverage past success) 

When you can perform fluidly at this level you will nail the interview. 

But… if you were asked this question today, would it be a piece of cake to amass five top achievements that would impress an employer?  Would relaying them make you feel proud?  When you present them during an interview, would you push you to the front of those under consideration? 

OR would you deliver them and ‘hope’ they were deemed impressive?  Would you be uncertain that they were ‘good enough’ to really impress the interviewer? 

How would the employer ask this question?  Usually, within the context of different scenarios.  “Tell me a time when”:

  • - You came back from defeat or failure
  • - How you helped the team when they faced a big challenge
  • - You took leadership when a project stalled and got things on track
  • - Created an innovative approach that resulted in significant impact
  • - Where challenged ethically and took the high road 

If you cannot nail this, and chances are the question will come up, it is time to go to work on creating them.  With every task, role, and assignment you take on, from student organizations, work groups, volunteering or employment, you can create ways to perform in a very impressive way. Doing so creates those achievements. 

If you are:

  • - Working part-time
  • - Serving in some capacity within a campus group or association
  • -Leading a class project
  • - Collaborating with your professor
  • - Volunteering

There are ALWAYS ways to be notable, go above and beyond, and both identify and create impressive results.  That is exactly what prospective employers are looking for. 

- There are three types of people in this world: 

  • - Those who make it happen
  • - Those who watch it happen
  • - And those who look up and say, “What just happened?”

Employers want the ones who make it happen.  You will want that kind of person too when you are promoted and recruiting on campus to expand your team one day. Winners continue to win.  Winning (above normal accomplishments) becomes a habit, unfortunately being average or faltering does too. 


  1. Look at all tasks before you and seek opportunities to develop break-through impact
  2. Be creative and come up with ideas (bounce them off of others, don’t be afraid to share the spotlight, you got it started)
  3. Then execute and praise all others involved 


It is not only the brand you want to CONVEY to a prospective employer, more importantly it is the brand you PORTRAY by your actions on a daily basis.

The world and your prospective employer needs innovative, creative, success driven people to change their environments for the better.

Be the Positive and Creative Change.

This week.  Seek a few projects or tasks that you could do to have huge, notable, reference able impact.  You must always be seeking.  It is looking at the world in a different way.  You can’t be notable everywhere and every time, so you need to ID more than you can execute upon and then choose wisely.

Then start a list of five things that if asked, you would love to brag about.  Things that illustrate the power of your potential with a future employer.

As you build out your list, always be ‘upgrading’ the list with more notable accomplishments, thus, making the future interview response more powerful.

Finally, you probably have more examples of past accomplishments that can serve as a great foundation, but, you just haven’t positioned them this way.  Move them to your list as well.

This is an excellent part of interview preparation. 

Good luck.

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