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All About Internships

All about internships

The summer is upon us and hundreds of thousands will be in the internship mix.  One might think, ‘Great I got an internship and I will':

  • Learn something
  • Enhance my resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Make some money
  • Have some fun 

Those things might happen but NO, that is not the primary objective.  Companies employ interns because they are looking them over as a potential, future employee.  It is a 60 day job interview!  Act accordingly.

I recently received some great advice from Ann Marie Sabath, the founder of At Ease Inc.  It is a great read if you are beginning or about to begin your internship.   This post is compliments of At Ease Inc:

You have landed a Summer Internship and will be starting your career journey.  Rather than sabotaging your chances for being offered a full time position after you graduate from college, here are five ways for putting your most professional self forward:

  1. Think before you speak. This two-second pause is a sure-fire way to eliminate the "ums," “mean," and "you know" from your vocabulary. When you catch yourself saying on these "sound pollution" terms, simply gather your thoughts and begin again.
  2. Small gestures go farWhen walking into a building, an elevator or the break room, acknowledge individuals with eye contact, a smile, a nod and/or a friendly "hello." These niceties will demonstrate your friendliness and label you as that outgoing Summer Intern rather than the college student who may be perceived as awkward.
  3. Be nice to everyone. Most people go out of their way for individuals who can help them advance in their career yet often ignore those team members who are vital to a company's daily success at all levels.  Be as polite to the security guard, receptionist and custodian as you are to your manager and colleagues.  Your reputation will precede you more than words can describe. 
  4. Manage your time. Get to work at least 20 minutes early rather than at the appointed time.  Meet deadlines earlier than requested and arrive at meetings before they start.  By managing your time, you will be seen as an individual who is in control.
  5. Mix and match As you purchase outfits for your Summer Internship, buy practical rather than trendy.  The secret to stretching your dollar is to stick to the basics.  Oh yes - - if you wonder if an outfit is "business casual" or "casual," ask yourself if you would wear it on weekends hanging out with friends.  If you would, consider it too casual to wear to work.

I look forward to learning how you are able to integrate these tips into your professional style.

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