Student Reaction

"As an attendee and active participant, Alan's program helped me define my goals and set forth a specific, measurable, and tangible path for my success. In the months following, I secured a position with a Fortune 200 technology company and was promoted within my first three months on the job. His lecture has left a lasting impression on the way I define and work to achieve success. I would recommend this program to any motivated, result-orientated individual with aspirations of great achievement. It simply works!"

  - Finance and Marketing Major with a Certificate in Sales, Ohio University

Why Do I Ask a Mentor to Read in Parallel?

All are encouraged to ask a mentor to read this blog in parallel. Pick someone who has much more experience than you; one whose opinion you respect and preferably someone who loves you. Ideally, this will be a parent or a dear family member or friend.

The objective of reading with a mentor is to foster supportive dialogue, spawn creative ideas, and create individualized pragmatic suggestions that result in new productive actions.

Mentors can sign up and invite a student as well.

How Do We Bring This To Our Campus?

Alan visits college and university campuses and conducts custom seminars pro bono. He asks for attendance to be in excess of 50 participants.